Tips for Finding Shoes that Fit

Ever wonder what happened to that nice fitting pair of shoes you bought that just wasn’t all that comfortable to walk around the next day? Sometimes it takes a little effort to shop for and buy shoes that are going to fit your feet properly. Here are a few tips to follow when shopping for shoes so that you don’t have buyer’s remorse the next time around.

Tip 1 – Shop for shoes when your feet are most swollen. This will normally be at night, after having a long day filled with walking and standing. If you shop for shoes early in the day, the fit may seem fine. But once you buy the shoes and your feet become a little puffy you’ll soon realize that you made a mistake since the fit just isn’t comfortable.

Tip 2 – Have your foot measured by a salesperson. You will want to wear the kind of pantyhose or socks that you’d normally use with the shoe being purchased. Don’t try a high heal on with a pair of thick socks or wear hose when getting fitted for running shoes, for example. Both of the feet should be measured since sometimes they can be different sizes. If this is the case with you, go with the larger sized foot. You’ll be uncomfortable if you choose the smaller size. If you need to, buy an insole to make up for the extra space in the other shoe. Also, it is important to stand up when being fitted since your foot is longer when standing, and measure your feet at least once every five years since your shoe size can change over time.

Tip 3 – Leave some wiggle room in the toe of the shoe. Don’t buy shoes with the idea that they will need to be stretched out or “broken in”. Having too small a toe area can cause a condition known as hammertoes which are only correctable by surgery. This is a big problem that women who wear “pointed toe” shoes have. Rounded toes are better for comfort. There should be at least half an inch of space between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe.

Tip 4 – Take a walk around the store. It is okay to take a little time when trying to figure out which shoe size fits best. Any pain you feel while walking in the store will only get worse when walking for longer periods. Walking, standing on your toes, moving the foot around, and lifting the heel up and down are good steps to take when trying to determine if the shoes fit properly. The shoe should not slip from the heel. This is a sign of an improper fit. The shoes should be comfortable no matter what you are doing when wearing them.

Tip 5 – Have two good fitting pairs of shoes and rotate them daily. The reason for this is that shoes need time to breathe and dry out. If they aren’t allowed to have some moisture-free time problems can arise like an athlete’s foot and other fungus related ailments.

Tip 6 – Your foot type matters. Different people have different foot types or different arches. Before going shopping for a pair of shoes wet your foot and step on a piece of colored paper or cardboard. The footprint left will clue you into what your foot type is. If you see most of your foot on the page you have low arches or flat feet. If you see very little of your foot, you have high arches. A curved foot means neutral arches. Choose a shoe that fits as closely as possible to the shape of your foot. Check to make sure the shoe has good arch support when shopping. Without good arch support, you will be prone to fallen arches.

If you use these tips when shopping for your next pair of shoes, you’ll find yourself happy with the purchase when you get home.

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