How to Shield Your Shoes, Sneakers and Keep Them New and Clean Longer

Introducing a Way to Guard Shoes, Boots, and Sneakers and Keep Them Clean Longer!

Shoes and sneakers get scuffed and stained soon after getting them. Cleaning shoes is a hassle and sooner or later loses its appeal. Some new shoes will always accumulate scuffs and lose their new look relatively quick. You can apply a clear coat to shoes, boots, and sneakers to keep them new and looking clean for longer.

Do you like new shoes?

When you do, cleaning and caring for them becomes a weekly. . . if not daily – routine to preserve that new look. You can make your shoes more durable, much easier to clean, and actually make them last longer by simply applying a protective clear coating to your new shoes and sneakers before using them! So you can keep your stuff new and looking clean for longer!

New shoes and boots get scuffed and stained relatively quick. If you have a thing for shoes, boots, and sneakers, then you have a thing for keeping them looking new and clean. Even when you are very careful, your shoes and boots still collect scuffs, stains, and dirt. Soon they start to look old and used, and that good feeling you had about your new shoes is gone. Tough luck, right?

No! We refuse to let that “new shoes” feeling go! So we decided to come up with a way to prevent new shoes from getting scuffed, repel water and stains, and keep shoes and sneakers looking clean and new for as long as possible. The solution is something new called SKUFF Protective Coatings. You can now apply a protective clear coating on the surface of shoes, boots, and sneakers to cover them from everyday dirt and damage. With SKUFF, you don’t have to keep cleaning and worrying about shoes, boots, and sneakers and they still look newer and stay cleaner than they otherwise would.

When a clear coat finish is applied to a car after a paint job, it protects the paint from scuff marks and other minor damage. The same principle applies to shoes and sneakers, except most manufacturers of shoes and boots don’t even bother. When a protective coating is applied to shoes, boots, and sneakers while they’re new, those shoes, boots, and sneakers will stay cleaner and look better for a lot longer than the same pair of shoes and boots without one. Now, you can apply a protective clear coat finish to your shoes, boots, and sneakers to keep them looking new and clean longer using SKUFF Protective Coatings.

It’s simple. Just get some SKUFF from their web page – Google SKUFF Protective Coatings – and use the applicators to apply it. It’s available in easy to use applicators, applies quickly, and can last for years and longer. You don’t have anything to lose at the “whopping” price of $10. There are sample packs available too!

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