Finding the Best Pair of Running Shoes to Fit Your Style

Finding the right kind of running shoe often depends on what type of running you are doing, as well as what types of surfaces. Of course, factors like price, style, and comfort are important when searching for shoes.

While running on pavement is certainly consequential in regards to the bones in your legs, there are certain steps to shoe purchasing that may put a little less stress on your body.

Well-cushioned shoes are a bit former and have greater motion control, however, they are not as great for trail running. It is best to switch out those shoes once the soles become worn down to protect your knees and ankles.

New Balance shoes are typically a great option to provide cushioning and support. Saucony ProGrid also offers great comfort and support. Nike’s Air Max also has excellent air cushioning. For consistent runners, it is recommended that tennis shoes get swapped out every 6 months.

If you are wondering what type of shoe is best for a beginning runner, no worries! There are plenty of options to choose from. It is recommended that beginning runners start with two pairs of running shoes. By alternating pairs of shoes and letting one pair thoroughly dry each pair of shoes will last a bit longer.

Also, when it comes to finding shoes that are supportive and comfortable, New Balance has lots of different all-purpose tennis shoes that provide good cushioning and support to keep your feet stable when you run.

Asics also tend to be economically friendly and well constructed with excellent motion control. The Gel-Pulse 11 by Asics has a narrower heel and is designed for an average-sized woman of medium build who wants stability and cushioning.

Nike also has good running shoes for beginners due to there venerable air-cushion system works. The Nike Air Zoom allows stretch panels for an almost-custom fit on any foot.

It’s also recommended for beginning runners to ease into the process. New runners often do too much too soon which leads to shin splints, tendonitis or general soreness in the knee or behind the kneecap.

It’s important to listen to your body and not be afraid to take a week or two off. Alternating running with walking is also a good way to provide circulation and give your joints a chance to recoup.

For everyday runners who average 5 miles a day, it is also important to have 2 pairs of running shoes. Shoes need at least 48 hours off between runs to dry out. It is also important to swap out those shoes every 6 months, even if they look all right on the outside. Cushioning in shoes breaks down quickly.

For everyday runners, it is important to look for shoes with lots of cushioning. Those knees pounding on the pavement need as much support as a shoe can provide, and even if you don’t have pain in your knees currently, a few years from now, you’ll certainly feel the repercussions.

New Balance shoes are reliable and the 880 model provides neutral foot motion and design for extra cushioning.

Asics also has a Gel-Cumulus VII for $80. The breathable shoe has lots of cushioning for a smooth ride and has a stable grip to keep your feet from turning in or out during their stride.

For all runners, it is important to remember that running is really bad for your knees. While the cardio workout is great for your heart, abs, and many other muscle groups in your back and legs, it is necessary to realize that running has potentially damaging effects. A good way to avoid these effects is by changing your running shoes every six months. The cushioning on shoes wears down before you will feel or see it.

Also, finding alternative athletic activities is a good way to get in the cardio, without killing your joints. The runners tend to get more of a thrill from putting in their miles on a well-defined trail, and jogging tends to be an independent way to recoup emotionally and clear the head. However, runners are encouraged to alternate their routine with biking, using an elliptical, swimming, and racquetball or some other high impact sport.

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